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Ultra-Hold Tape Contours

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Contour Strips & Minis

Ultra-Hold Mini's: We took our most popular glue Ultra-Hold, and translated it into our #1 Hair System Tape.

Ultra-Hold Tape is the most tacky, flexible, and long lasting tape we make. Comparable to Super Tape, Air Flex, and GeoBond you will get the longest hold you've ever had from a tape. Not to mention the mini shape is so versatile. You can use it on the front hair line, the sides, the back, wherever you need a strong consistent hold.

We've recently updated the packaging so it can be nicely displayed in your salon.

Extended Wear (1-2 weeks) tapes are great for people who need something more than just for day to day wear, but who are also not looking for the longest bond either. This is a popular type of tape because many people re-apply their units in under 2 weeks.

Also known as UltraHold.

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